I worked for 27 years in the clothing industry , mostly living to work. I had a fabulous time, but with age came a realization there was more to life. I loved to travel and together with my partner of 14 years we visited & explored many new places.

Chris owns a restaurant and has spent most of his life working hard in this demanding industry. Having had a health scare 5 years ago, he also came to the realization that life it too short to put your dreams on hold.

Why wait till “one day when Im older….”

We had a dream, to take off time from our lives and explore a new way of living. I left my job, he asked me to marry him, and we rented a camper van and decided to have a long extended honeymoon all through Europe with an idea of finding somewhere new to live. Ideally we would love to live between Europe (which is closer to his family and mine), and Cape Town, South Africa where we were both born.

I have 2 boys, who are grown up and living in abroad , so now was  the time to work to live.  My plan is to make my hobby into my living . My motto has always been “do what you love and you will love what you do!”, and Chris well I think he would eventually love to be a kept man.

Keep reading and we will take you along on our journey.