Wolfgangsee, Austria 15th July


Think Knysna, Plett  with large  lakes and Sound of Music scenery. Achingly, almost kitsch, in its beauty.

Camping Wolfgangblick
amazing view over Wolfgangsee
Dinner is served, pork chops with mushroom and salad
our beach at Abersee, this camp site was lovely

Rose: we made our way to Abersee. It’s a little town on the opposite side of the Wolfgangsee from St Wolfgang. A lovely warm lady running a very busy campsite. Right at the see , with a beach and view over the see for miles. She showed us to a fantastic spot right  close to the water and told us sternly it was only available for 3 nights. We took it and set up camp and then sat down for a beer and radler. It was still a little cool but that didn’t stop us from taking a lovely long walk around the camp site.

View from Abersee to St Wolfgang
View from our camper, bliss
Im trying out the water, very lovely..






That evening back at camp , we heard the sounds of musicians tuning instruments and lots of people came to sit on the beach. Turns out they were having a concert across the water and you could hear the music perfectly from our spot. Not only that but it as accompanied by an air show. The planes were flying overhead in the beautiful dusk.


And at 10pm a fireworks display that Dubai would be proud of.

Sunday 16th July…

Next morning we were up and ready to explore. Very conveniently you walk through the caravan park and onto a neigbours property to take a ferry across to St Wolfgang. We had heard about this really amazing railway cog line that you can take from St-Wolfgang to the top of the Scharf????   We thought it  might be a great idea, but sadly it was not to be. AATB came into play and at €38 each , no I’m sorry we will just stay at the bottom and take a pic. So instead we wandered through  this picture perfect  village. I cannot even show you enough pictures for you to get the feeling.

small ferry ride from Abersee to St Wolfgang
small ferry ride from Abersee to St Wolfgang
Schagberg Bahn






All along the lake front are little bathing spots which belong to the hotels or guest houses. Deck chairs, water sports and pretty umbrellas. It’s like a riviera.

We found a lovely place to have coffee and ok it was mid morning but Chris fancied a little kuchen. I joined him and it was honestly the best cake we had had so far. And so a tradition started of having coffee and cake everyday! . Really why did I let him? Because I enjoyed it as much as he did. They use a filling made from quark which is slightly like creme fraiche tasting. So not as sweet. Well that’s my story. The thing is I read later on my blogs that is totally acceptable to eat kafee and kuchen for lunch in Austria , who knew?

cake and coffee for breakfast
something delicious..
Apfel strudel

We had a long long walk to get rid of the calories , exploring along the way. We found a very interesting shop come bistro for a late lunch and splashed out on there meal of the day. Again we were overwhelmed by the quality. A lovely pork belly with the best crackling you have ever tasted and a dumpling and cabbage in a broth.

pork with crispy crust, knödel and cabbage
Fantastic lunch

Off to rest at the van and a quiet dinner Thank goodness as the boodget was suffering that day.




Did I tell you Austria is very very expensive?

loved the shops in St Wolfgang
Lederhosen, I wanted Chris to buy, but he said its not in the boodget!
dirndl anyone?







Chris has already made a new rule. We don’t buy drinks on the camp site, if we have our own then we sit at the van and drink them.

cute hey? in a vintage shop


Next morning we were up early and took the local ferry to St-Wolfgang and from there the lake ferry to St Gilgen.(sankt gilgen)  Well known as it was the town in which Mozart’s mother and sister lived. So everything Mozart. Very pretty but a little over the touristy shops and curios. But ok we had kafee and kuchen (of course) walked around and decided to take the funicular to the top of the hill. Again we got there and NO THANK you. The cost to go up the hill was €24 each. So again we took pics and moved on. NOTE: a lot of pics..sorry!


I had read you can walk from St Gilgen to Kurberg so we decided to do that instead. Best idea it was the most picturesque walk all along the lake edge.

the water is an amazing turquoise ..

Stunning forests and views over the lake for miles. The water is the most inviting blue green turquoise you can imagine.

We enjoyed it and when we got to Kurberg we waiting for the ferry to take us back to St-Wolfgang to do a little shopping. We spent the beautiful warm evening reading and drinking wine (at the van to save the boodget). Our usual evening stroll and schnitzel for dinner, yum!

ok lesson in Camper Life coming up. We have a toilet on board our Pozzi, very neat and civilized. but it has a casette ( basically a plastic box) which you have to clean out now and again. In the interest of being transparent let me explain we only do no 1, we decided no 2 will go in the ablutions, so this makes the cleaning a bit more pleasant. We all agree this is a boys job, and Chris had been dreading it. Where to do it, how to do it….so after watching many other men do it, he summoned the courage to DO IT!

a first, Chris cleans out the chemi toilet…#camperlife



One thought on “Grüß Gott…and into Austria we go…

  1. It sounds so amazing!
    Loving the cake and coffee, exceptionally happy that the booget has been adjusted to account for it!


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