Temple-sur-Lot:Aquitaine France July 2018

Yesterday I had seen so many fields of sunflowers but all pointing in the wrong direction. Ok so maybe we were just on the wrong side of them but needless to say, I was pretty unsatisfied about the pics I took. 

I really shouldn’t of worried because as we left my wish was granted. Field upon field upon field of sunflowers for miles. There is something breathtaking about seeing so many sunflowers stretching into the distance. 

Ok so I took a lot of photographs. #just saying! 

Our route took us along the canal up towards the Lot River and then crossed over and along the Garonne River. This area is so beautiful I thought I should lol up some info for you. 

So the Lot river is a right bank tributary of the Garonne River. The Garonne River follows the Aran Valley northwards into France, flowing via Toulouse and Agen towards Bordeaux. There it flows into an estuary and then the Atlantic Ocean. 


All along this river, there are towns and villages some with ports for boating. 

We chose a village based on the Aire we had seen which was highly rated. It’s on the outskirts of Temple-sur-Lot. We checked it out first and were happy with what we saw. Then we backtracked to a ‘prune ‘ museum we had seen on a brochure. Looked like a lot of fun with an Aire as well so we thought we would do the museum and decide which Aire was better. hmmmmm well the museum was pretty small and mostly intended for kids I think but we had a quick look and bought some prune jam.

They grow prunes, strawberries, melons and importantly tomatoes all over this area. So after the prune place we took a little country wander looking for any open farm shops. We had programmed Tom-Tom to take us to one particular place but as the villages in between had diversions we kept having to ignore instructions and she kept re-routing us. It’s was the best idea as we saw little places we wouldn’t have come across otherwise!  We stopped at a lovely farm only to discover they only accept cash and we had €10. Probably a good thing! We did buy strawberries ( the sweetest I’ve tasted) and some haricot beurre and mmm can’t remember. It was hot hot hot that’s what I can remember.

Today is football, England vs Sweden and we want to find a tv. We check into our Aire. Let me tell you quickly how it works. There is a machine and you type in your night stay and what you need like electric and pay your €6.50. You get a code which then opens the boom and in you go. When you leave you punch in the code and it lets you out! So clever. 


Anyway, we park the camper and put on our hats and walk quickly into the village looking for a bar to watch the game. It’s hot and we are the only idiots walking in the sun at this time of the day. So not to bore you just let me tell you there are no TVs in Temple-sur-Lot showing the England game- none! 

Despondently we get back to the camper only to have a brainwave. We can watch on our iPad. We have free WiFi at the camper stop and we have BBC iplayer. voila! We have the football and we watch as England is victorious! 

We had seen a small restaurant around the corner from the camping Aire. We thought it would make a good dinner option. It’s Saturday night and we are treating ourselves to dinner out. It was still very hot but they had tables outside ( “outside” being a parking lot with Astro turf) but nice. The name is Restaurant La Cagouille, and it specializes in snails..

The nice French gentleman met us and we asked in our best fringlish for a table for 2. He asked do you have a reservation? ( in French of course) and we said no. Well, he barked at us, not a clue what he said and left us standing like idiots. The lady at the table next to us giggled and we asked her what he said? “ he said people who don’t make reservations shouldn’t go for dinner” haha  if that’s the case Parsleyspursuits would be in trouble. But then he came scurrying over and with lots of hand movements showed us a table at the edge of the seating area. Not set up at all. We asked him if he spoke a little English” No Francais!’ He barks. Oh well, we laugh and sit down. Not the first time we have ordered a meal without knowing any of the language. But actually, in the end, it all worked out. He just loved teasing us. The waitress and his wife the chef spoke perfectly good English and the meal was superb.

I tried a starter of cassoulet of escargot and it was fantastic. Chris had duck and Foie. Just look at the pic….it was a winner. Main course was veal for me and beef for Chris and the sauce and veg were tasting. We thought we weren’t that hungry but when time to order dessert I couldn’t resist. A mango cappuccino for me. The perfect summer dessert and a cafe gourmand for Chris. This traditional dessert is always a selection of house deserts with coffee. Chris was in his element. Some rosé wine, a beer and we rolled home. It’s wasn’t cheap but it was worth it! 

The next day we up early, we wanted to get to Bordeaux early and we need to get some shopping done. Just as we left town we saw a small farmers market. We still don’t have cash so we stick to buying a lovely goats cheese called a ‘crottin’ and a juicy sweet smelling melon. Then We head to the Carrefour ( of course) and after we took the motorway to get us there fast. 

The camping ground we had chosen is a smallish one but has good reviews and as chris will be staying there for a few days alone ( I’m off to London ) we wanted to get a good spot. 

It’s outside of Bordeaux but not too far from Merignac airport. We arrived just as they are sitting down to Sunday lunch. But the guy in charge is so nice and shows us to a lovely spot. We settle in and check out the facilities. Have a little lunch, Do a little washing and we are happy. 

Tomorrow I’m off and hopefully Chris will write you a post about Bordeaux. 

2 thoughts on “Temple-sur Lot – but only if you speak French

  1. That food looks utterly delicious. Surprised Chris`s finger didn`t come out when the nice Frenchman barked at you!!!!


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