Munich, Germany

It used to be MNO( money no object), but now I’m afraid I’m in for AATB( all about the budget), but a girl like me is adaptable. I did remind him that I always said I was easy, but I’m not cheap!

Anyway off to Munchen to pick up the “looxury” camper van. I can’t wait to see it. Just out of interest we travelled to Munich from Bologna via train. What a lovely train journey, it was around 6 hours long. we had lovely seats and the countryside was magnificent. The train goes up to through Verona, over the Brenner Pass and past Innsbruck. the only problem we had was the onboard food, thumbs down for “Henry am Zug” and the really terrible sandwich!

very cold tasteless sandwich..


Munich Monday 3 July.

Rose: Its really quite beautiful at the Marienplatz but OMG it’s expensive!

Lots to see in the Marienplatz

Especially after coming from Italy where we paid €1.50 for cappucino vs €2.50 this morning in a coffee shop.We spent the morning walking around the Viktualienmarkt. Lots of fruit, veg , cheese and lots and lots of meat, especially sausages.

Lovely food on display at Nordsee, a chain of seafood restaurants

We walked around looking for the “Parsley Pursuit of Perfection” cherries.

Yummy , cherries…should I buy these…?

Eventually I persuaded him to buy some but they did not live up to the standard.









After eating some bratwurst and the obligatory beer, which was lovely,we took a walk to the Englisher Garten.

the booodget!


Chris : A little like a mixture of Hyde And Central Parks, with little beer gardens and ice cream spots dotted around most corners and the Germans love of “natur” showing itself, nude bodies taking in the sun  with not so much as a raised eyebrow, or anything else for that matter.

A halbes (half litre) beer, which seems to be the smallest size to order without peals of laughter following one,  and a carafe of wine with a pretzel* and we are set for an hour or two taking in the gardens and people watching.

Rose interjects**chris nearly has heart failure when they charged € 11.60! Three times he tells me this is the most expensive drink we have had you know!

The saga continued that evening when we went to dinner in the lovely area of Schwabing. After walking all around in the “Parsley Pursuit” of restaurant perfection we settled on an Italian. Dinner was ok , drinks were expensive. I had a spritz and then Chris ordered me a glass of wine. When the bill arrived , eek the glass of wine was €7.20. Cheeky waiter had given us the most expensive wine by the glass. And then to add insult to injury he argues with Chris and says but he automatically gives the best!

Ok so not a good experience in drinking and eating in Munich. We will try again another time. So a good nights sleep and we will be off to find this camper van place..



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