Thursday 6th July

Wooden sculpture in Zwickhau
Parsleys Pursuit of the Perfect bakery

We decide to drive to Dresden via Zwickau. Why? I’m not sure just seemed like a good idea. We arrived 2 hours later feeling a little stressed. There were a lot of road works and keeping the “pozzi” in the right lane took some concentration. Add to that the parking lot we had chosen was closed which meant looking for another to accommodate the bus. And then we wanted to walk to the town centre ,

instead of guiding us to the zentrum, a certain Parsley decide to lead us in the pursuit of the perfect bakery,(as usual).Then he decided that the centre was in one direction and after walking 2.5km in said direction we came to the conclusion it was the wrong way!

kuchen and drinks
the square

Back again and eventually found a charming square where we had to stop for a drink and kuchen. Bad decision as the kuchen was tasteless and the drinks expensive.

But we saved the day by buying fresh salmon trout, baby potatoes, runner beans and a lemon for dinner for only €9.50 at the market in the square.

fresh trout and baby potatoes, of course a little salad
Dinner in Dresden campsite









Saved the boodget after all.

We managed to get to the camp site with no problems and checked in.

Lovely camp site. Lovely facilities. This time we were faster at the set up. Nearly experts.

That evening we were really exhausted. Tired from the drive. Lovely dinner and climbed into bed early.

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