Treuchtlingen, Bavaria

Wednesday 5th July

Chris: We are in this most magnificent spa village of Treuchtlingen.

Altmuhltherme, they take thermal spas very seriously , this one is goverment approved. So well set up and organized and beautifully clean.

Quite small but has everything including 5 bakeries. Ordered our croissants and schoko croissant from reception last night, all ready fresh and warm at 6:30 this morning. Went to a LARGE supermarket, (rose : we went to 3 supermarkets) what the Germans lack in style with food they certainly make up in quantity! Prices here about half of Munich, but still 50% more than Italy.

Not driving today. Just unpacking, organising and chilling.

The town of Treuchtlingen is really a magnificent specimen of German beauty and order. All the grounds are immaculate.

you order the night before and it arrives at 6.30am!


After dinner Iced coffee, this became a tradition..

The streets are clean and filled with pretty flowers wherever you look. Lovely village square where everyone comes to meet, drink coffee,’beer or aperol spritz. Or better yet do as we did and finish off our evening with an ice coffee with delicious vanilla ice cream.




our first set up, neat hey?
German precision, no one parks skew!

Rose:this was our first taste of getting into the rhythm of camp life, the do’s and the don’ts. The vans are all parked straight and neat and nothing out of place. The chairs get packed away with military precision every evening. We realized no one washes dishes in the van, all dishes will be done at the wash up sinks. And you need a plastic basin to carry the dirty dishes in, can’t stack them in your hands, no! So we bought one of those. Then the shoe regime, so shoes for the outside to be taken off and replaced with shoes or slippers and socks for the inside, to be replaced with shower slip slops, only to be used in the shower.( so we bought some of those)

Bonnie’s best buy! Chris being very german. Everyone has one and we bought this one at the second hand store for E3.50

One thing we did want to follow is the dressing gown trend. You cant walk down the “dusche” in your undies. So off we went to the 2nd hand charity shop and were we amazed. Bonnie’s best buys were to be had! We bought a dressing gown for Christpher for €3.50, and then some real wine glasses for €0.50, what a barg! As we say AATB…(all about the boodget!)

Next installment of camp life to follow…

see below more pics , and hover over each pic to see the descriptions.







Off to Dresden in the morning.

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