Oberammergau, Germany August 2017
Frescoed buildings in Oberammergau

Intro by Chris

Our final stop of part one in this series was at a little town in Germany named Oberammergau.

A small town that boxes far above its size in terms of tourism due to its world famous Passion Play. The Oberammergau Passion Play was first performed in 1634 and it is the result of a vow made by the inhabitants of the village that if God spared them from the effects of the bubonic plague then sweeping the region they would perform a passion play every ten years.

Chris outside the theatre where they perform the Passion Play.

With a population of a little over 5000, around 2000 of the villagers take part in the actual production and many more are involved in providing accommodation etc, only natives of the village are allowed to take part in this re-enactment of the story of Christ’s entry to Jerusalem, crucifixion and resurrection. Originally this was performed, starting in the morning, taking a break for lunch and ending later in the afternoon. It has now become a day-night affair with a break for supper and is performed many times during the period mid May to October in years that end in zero; preparations already starting for the 2020 production ( guess it will prove to be the perfect vision production( in hindsight))

Why the long introduction?? In 1970, my sister Anne and I were taken on a Grand Tour of Europe by our parents. ( Largely in a motorhome, with my mom doing all the driving)

We were lucky enough to attend one of the performances of The Passion Play, something that has always remained with me.

When our Pursuit took us into this part of Europe I thought it fitting  to revive and share the memory with Rose.

Over to my darling wife

The camp site at Oberammergau was not fantastic. Might be we just a little hot with no awning, but actually it’s more an attitude from the owner. The stands are a little small and stony, they charge quite a lot for not much. The wifi is non existent. But the toilets and showers were ok and we just here for one night.

We explored the village that afternoon, marveling at the buildings covered in frescoes. It’s quite a tourist trap as you can imagine based on what chris says above but it’s quite lovely nevertheless.

We visited the theatre where they put on the plays and had a wonder into a few of the shops. Ending off on this very very hot afternoon with a treat of the trip. We have had a few iced coffee but now we went for an iced chocolate. Heaven in a glass and completely decadent. Chocolate , ice cream, ice, choc sauce and cream on top.

OMG, the best iced Chocolate we have EVER tasted…Oberammergau

Delicious. Think Chris had a cake as well, but ‘ what happens on tour, stays on tour’ (oh oops the evidence is in the photo)

Chris had decided we were eating out that night, I know , I know the booster! But we were not wanting to buy more food…ok who am I kidding we had a ton of food we could of eaten but ok we going for dinner.

Whilst I was napping he had done some research on a place( parsleyspursuits of the perfect restaurant)and off we went into town. Firstly we had no more data and he could not remember the exact place, and then where he thought it was, it wasn’t! But I’m a patient girl so no problem. Eventually we found it, a microbrewery with a delightful terrace. We sat down and looked the menu. Ok so maybe we not staying for dinner after all. The food was expensive and not particularly exciting. So nope we order 2 beers and sit and enjoy them and the surroundings.

So part 2 of the pursuit lead us to a place where Chris had seen a reasonable dish of the day and thought it would be a nice option. Found a lovely table outside, and check the menu. Ok so daily dish is only available for lunch. And then the prices are really quite steep, but we are here now and the vibe is good and we got no where else to go so what the hell (MNO) ‘ money no object’

The meal was lovely and the service good.

We walked home to settle the digestive juices and had a good sleep.

Now we on officially on our way home…tomorrow Sulzemoos, Munich

Our last night of part 1, we are so sad to end it!

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