Sulzemoos, Germany August 2017
Cheapest iced coffee all trip

Back to Munich or actually Sulzemoos which is the town outside of Munich where the motor home rental company is based.

As we wound our way back through Germany we had one important task to complete.

Rewind back to the start of our trip:  I had noticed these machines in the supermarket which ‘ate’ plastic bottles i.e. People were bringing into empty water or cool drink bottles and inserted them into the machine. It ate it up and gave you a voucher of €.25 per bottle to spend in the supermarket. This was so exciting. By the time I realized this nifty trick I claimed one or 2 but then I decided ‘I’m collecting these bottles to make us rich’ The problem was the next supermarket in Czech Republic didn’t have the machines, damn! But ok, chris told me that Germany and Austria(maybe) had to have these machines so I would just keep collecting these bottles until I found a machine. This clunky bag of bottles went everywhere with us. Stored under the table it flew from one side of the camper to another on our journey irritating chris no end. But I did not budge this was going to be my windfall at the end of the trip. I was going to buy a present for myself when I cashed in my millions.

So by the time we got to this point of the trip and we are back in Germany I was beyond excited. We stopped at a beautiful Rewe ( Chris’s new favourite supermarket) in Utting and I first thought they did not have the machine. Sorry Chris move along. But he loved this Rewe so he made sure he found the machine. Ok I’m dragging this huge bag of bottles to the machine and I’m ready. First bottle in, nothing. Try again , it spits the bottle out! Now what. After trying a few times a helpful gentleman explained. It only takes back bottles that were bought in Germany. So I keep putting in bottles from Czech, Slovenia and Austria and only 3 bottle work,  so I have a grand total of €1.25! Chris is dying of embarrassment as I stack the ‘foreign’ bottles next to the machine. My heart is broken! My dreams are crushed!

And then to add insult to injury we spent the money on buying chocolates for you know who! ( €1.25 hardly buys a mini bar of chocolate 😜)

Ok back to travel. We arrived back in Sulzemoos mid day and did all the obligatory chores. We filled the tank, took the camper for its free automatic car wash. We had seen a camper stop right outside the rental place which was were everyone parks the night before. We rolled up and found a spot.

Well it turned out this was not the greatest spot. Electricity but no toilet or ablutions.

It was noisy and smelly from a generator right next door. And we had no awning so it was baking hot. Now we had to unpack the camper , pack out bags and clean the camper top to bottom to avoid the penalty charge for returning it dirty. But first we went to the showroom across the road to a/ look at all the camper vans on display b/ use the wifi and c/ use the toilet in the showroom.

I did have to laugh at the couple next to us in the camper park. They had cleaned up their van and were clearly hot and sweaty. With no shower no problem. They put on their cozzies and took their shower gel and marched off to the fresh water tap. After a good soap up, she hosed him down and he hosed her down. Hahah what a brilliant idea.

So not too bore you to tears , but eventually we unpacked and cleaned and packed and complained about the amount of stuff we had accumulated. Where had it come from?


We made our first braai in the car park , using a disposable braai and sat down to enjoy true sunset. We also had a lovely chat with our neighbours, from Stuttgart,  whose camper was about 10x bigger than ours.


The next morning we drove the 100m across the tarmac and handed in our Pozzi. An hour later we were ready to make our way to Munich and board our plane back to London.

THE END…of part 1



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