Madrid, Spain 7 September 2017

The past couple of weeks has seen Chris go back to Cape Town to catch up with business, sort out bits of admin and finish packing up our townhouse. I’ve been staying in Chiswick, been a bit of a tourist(more about that later) and settling my son into his new digs in London. I also found time to visit my mum Emilie and my sister Valentine in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

This morning was an early wake up as we needed to get to Gatwick for our flight to Madrid and the start of our Iberian Pursuit.

We had promised ourselves T pack really, really lightly, thinking that the last trip had taught us a thing or two.

already making a mess

Twenty kilos each and plenty of hand luggage didn’t really seem that light. We did have with us a complete set of our own bedding ( the brightly coloured, brushed cotton from episode one was a memory to discard asap ) as well as our own little gas BBQ come braai ( pics will explain all)

We are only picking up Puzzi mark2 in San Sebastian next Friday, so four days in Madrid and a road trip through the winelands of Rioja, staying over in Logroño and onto San Sebastian ( Donostia in Basque) is what our next pursuit will cover.


A train trip from Madrid airport into town, check into our lovely airbnb, find the nearest supermarket to stock up with some provisions; wine, beer, jambon. A fantastic siesta and now sitting outside at 21:30, short sleeves and a cold cerveza and vino blanco at hand! Bueno, life is good..


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