San Sebastián : Irun June 2018
On our way!

We used McRent again for this trip. We had such a good experience with the company in San Sebastián( actually Irun as the suburb) that we used them again. We picked up from Mano and within 30min we were off. 

I was so pleased, I didn’t have to correct Chris from driving too close to the pavement at all, we did not have an argument about the Tom-Tom (yet) and we both agreed on where we were heading. We are heading towards Logroño in Rioja. 

I think 3rd time around we were just so relaxed. We hit the supermarket Eroksi ( I found the exact same ones last time, yes Rose! ) and we shopped and shopped and shopped. 

When we came outside it was already 7:30pm, what! 

We loved the shopping but we did agree we didn’t need to equip ourselves as well as last time as we are only in the camper for 5 weeks and we just can’t justify throwing all the stuff away when we leave.  

But OMG we still bought a lot. 

Our choice for the first night is a small campsite outside of Puente la Reina. It’s just 25kms outside Pamplona. We arrived pretty easily admiring the beautiful scenery in the golden light, and as we drive through Puente la Reina we saw a sign for the campsite. Then Tom-Tom tells us to turn left and we ignore her of course, because really up that dirt track. So she reroutes us and we drive and drive and it’s close to 9pm and Chris looks worried. But after a few lefts, we get to the top of a hill and there it is. A lovely quaint campsite which also doubled as an Alberge for Camino walkers. We paid our €22 and settled in. Supper was a delicious spread of cheese, meat, pimentos, pâté and fresh bread. And of course a vino blanco for me and a Radler for Chris. Heaven. 

The next day we decided to take a walk around the village before leaving. Well, this just might be a life-changing decision for us, cos we totally fell in love. A beautiful neat, tidy, historic and atmospheric Spanish village. Just small enough to be a true village and close enough to big cities to be useful. We googled the property prices and we were pleasantly surprised. Hmmmm: add to our list of places we could live. 

After a cup of coffee and a pastry called a torte de Txanxtigorri we tore ourselves away and continued the journey. Next stop was Logroño. A place we have visited on our last trip and we loved so much we were happy to go back. Read all about it here so I won’t bore you too much with rehashing the details. But last time we were in an Airbnb and this time we had the camper so we found a spot along the river. …..

and then we met up with someone! 

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