Logroño : Spain June 2018
A little tan is needed !

Logroño is somewhere we considered living so we wanted to revisit. However, we think it might be just a little too big. Believe me, it’s lovely and it has everything you want, but maybe you wouldn’t quite get to know your neighbours that well. 

We only realized that going back and it makes one think you really can’t decide on one visit. So the campsite in Logroño was on the river bank on the opposite side of the old town but a short lovely walk into town. Just outside the gate was 2/3 restaurants and there are paths along both sides of the river as well as a shady path. We settled into camp and had a siesta as one does in Spain.

Then when it was cooler we walked to meet a friend. Such a serendipitous moment that my friend and fellow ceramicist Lexi was walking the Camino and happens to be in this same town as us. How wonderful. We met up for a drink or 3 and just took her around some of the famous tapas bars in the old town. It was great just catching up and I suppose also learning a little about each other families. Funny how being on holiday away from normal life one has the time to ask and more importantly listen to what people say about themselves. As I always tell you my eyes and ears are so open now in this #secondlife! 

We walked her back to her hotel as she had an early start. Unlike us lazy bones who sleep till 9! 

So I haven’t really told you but Chris had this op and his wound hasn’t healed over. ( warning skip if you squeamish) It is a problem as we have to dress it with wound bags as it oozes all the time a liquid we call Pawpaw juice. It’s normal and it will close it just is taking longer than we hoped and now with the travelling, we are changing the wound bag too often and we are scared of running out of bags. A plan is being made at this moment to get more from Cape Town. Ok enough about the pawpaw, I’m just telling you about it aas itmight influence some of the storytelling and it’s my excuse for sleeping late as it often leaks at night keeping us both awake. 

So the next day was a slow one. We chilled until lunchtime. Then we took a walk across to town for lunch. So the stories between Mr and Mrs might differ here. I wanted to try a menu del dia ( menu for the day at a fixed price) and Chris well he was not so keen. So this meant we walked around in the Parsleyspursuits of the perfect menu del dia for ages. We were also confused as it’s 1pm and not many people eating out. Strange? Maybe everyone goes home for lunch? 

We saw a few people eating a tapas with a drink so we keep walking. Aaaah! Now it’s getting 2pm and all of a sudden cafes are filling up and menu del dia board coming out, we remember that the Spaniards only eat lunch at 2-3pm! By this time we’ve argued so much about where to eat we are both not hungry so we sit down with a drink and a tapas or 3 to make friends….aaah married life! 

That evening we watched the football at the restaurant outside the campsite. It was so amazing all the families getting together in this outdoor space, kids running around. Parents talking away and no one had a care in the world. It’s 8pm and the kids are still playing outside, that’s the life! We cooked a lovely meal of pork escalopes, fresh asparagus and tomato, onion and garlic salad for dinner So delicious and no fights! 

Tomorrow we must head off in a new direction, not entirely sure where we sleeping but that’s half the fun! 

Hasta Luego! 

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