Auguedas : Tudela : Spain June 2018

We are heading towards the Pyrenees and the border of France and Spain. Our plan is to explore France this trip and see what it’s like to motorhome in France. 

We set off in the morning and drive in the direction of……Primark! Would you believe we found a shopping centre with a Primark! Yes, you would I would sniff it out anywhere. We did a bit of retail therapy, just a few items of necessary clothing and a pair of shoes or two. After a coffee and a boccadillo ( sandwich), we hit the Carrefour. We stocked up with some basics and bought some fresh tuna for dinner. Fish and seafood is really cheap, with the tuna at €9.99 a kilo and check my pics of the picnic specials. A few yummy prawns ready to eat and 2 beers for €9.99 or if you need to rekindle some romance with your love then maybe choose these oysters and bubbles for €9.99. Such a bargain. 

Eventually, we get back into Sc2ter and off we go. 

We head towards the French border and decide on a free camper stop for tonight. Its pretty much a lottery as you never really know, but we chose Arguedas which is close to Tudela. Did you know Tudela was one of the locations of GoT (game of thrones)? I can see why as the landscape is quite spectacular and a bit out of this world.

The free stop was on the outskirts of this small village and was essentially a gravel parking lot. It has a fantastic view of the mountain right in front of us, with remnants of cave houses in the cliff face. Apparently, these houses were built in the 1940’s because people needed affordable housing . They also maintain the temp very well. They were abandoned in the 1970’s as social housing came about.

We parked up and took a look around. It says you can buy tokens for water, electricity etc, but it wasn’t very clear. So we decide to just wild camp and use gas.

We walked into town and had a look around. It’s interesting, full of Camino hostels and signs and we found plaza mayor. I had a lovely ice cold sangria and Chris the usual cerveza, but when time to pay the bill…we were surprised at the prices, €7 for 2 drinks…mmm, pilgrim prices.

Arguedas, Spain

We make a delicious dinner of salad with potatoes and pan fried seared tuna. the best meal ever!

The campsite filled up rapidly. It’s amazing how you think this is a random quiet unknown spot and by 10pm that night we had 11 campers in the parking area. Some even arrived at 11pm, so we assumed people driving after work on a Friday and heading for the national parks for the weekend in Spain.

They lit up the mountain at night with a light that changed colour and it was quite remarkable.

That night was rather interesting, we got home from our pre-dinner drink just in time ahead of a storm. WE made sure we had no awning up and no windows opened!It was thunder and lightning and it rained and rained and rained. We were grateful we had seen a water culvert at the end of the road, cos with the amount of water rushing down I was convinced a flash flood was imminent. Imagine if that happened and I was in my birthday suit, what would I do? So not surprising we didn’t sleep that well. In the morning the rain was over, the sun was out and we were up and coffee’d and breakfasted and off on our way. We are heading to the Sobrarbe area…

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